UV Resistance

Nexgen 5layer pipe are UV stabilized Even in conditions where the water is subject to freezing. Nexgen 5 layer pipes for cold water can withstand water at temperature up to -40’C to due to their Frost Resistance characteristics.

Nexgen 5layer pipe provides Nexgen 5-layer pipe for hot water are suitable for long term extrusion of hot water up to 95°C due to their Low Thermal Conductivity.

Nexgen Mic gas pipes provides low thermal conductivity due to the MDPE/PE-RT coating reduces the heat loss when compared to other pipes like G.l., Copper, Aluminum & HOPE. The Middle layer of aluminum enable Nexgen Mic gas pipes to withstand high working pressure and ensure no gas or oxygen permeability

Cold and Hot water distribution

Cold and Hot water distribution has the smooth inner layer of Nexgen 5-layer pipe prevent deposit, accumulation and corrosion leading up to 30% more flow of fluid than In metal pipes. They are easy to bend & install directly on girden or inside wall and cemconcrete.They can be easily found with a simple metal detector. The combination of plastic and metal makes Nexgen 5-layer pipe a permanently reliable system for its use in all common hot and cold water installations.

Solar System, Air Conditioning and RefrigerationSystem

Solar System, Air Conditioning and RefrigerationSystem has the frost resistant; High thermal preservation lowers the cost of temperature keeping and improves the efficiency of these systems.

Underfloor Heating System

Composite Pipe Company in chhattisgarh is stable from in bends and over a distance Nexgen 5-layer pipe can be directly installed up to 200 meters without any fittings. It works well in temperature from-40°C to 95’C.

Medical, Foodstuff and Ctie try’s pipe System

The inner and outer layer of Nexgen 5-layer pipe are de of special PE with strong chemical, corrosion and contamination resistance. The aluminum core makes the pipe 100% gas and oxyon qht Therefore, as medical and oxygen supply pipe. they provides Nexgen 5-layer pipe is h,,, nlc and leak-proof and insures the purity of Its carrying media As a supply pipe for food industry, it can eliminate contamination during manufactunng. Fur tflermore, the static-tree layers can also withstand all kinds 01 acid and alkali solution (in density) below 600C. which enables the pipe to be used in the chemical industry with no extra protection.

Nexgen Fire Protection System

Nexgen Fire Protection System Is logically designed to integrate sprinkles with a home’s plumbing system into one multipurpose solution. Thanks to the perfectly qualified pipe, fitting and the spnnldes. you can rely on our watertight connection and durable system Comfort, Safety and convenience foi home owners.

Gas and Air Distribution

The aluminum layer allows Nexgen 5-layer pipe to withstand high working pressure and prevent oxygen and gases from perneating into pipes.They are easy to bend, which makes thew use of numerous fittings unnecessary.Nexgen 5 layer pipe are safe and reliable choice for compressed air,gas and oxygen supply.